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Demonstrators are active again in Richmond. Richard Stelling has more...23  
A Richmond school district is headed back into the classroom. The superintendent of Chesterfield County schools says students will start phasing back in at the end of this month. The return includes four cohorts of students, all attending on various days. The board of education's health committee determined the metrics locally were good enough to begin the return to school.  
The Virginia Beach Police Department has a new chief. City officials announced yesterday that Paul [[New-duh-gate]] Neudigate has been hired to lead the department. He comes from the Cincinnati Police Department, where he served as assistant police chief. The new Chief will take over the department on October 14th.  
A landfill in Lorton could soon become a ski slope. It's all a part of a project called "Fairfax Peak" that would include the 17-hundred foot slope at the Lorton landfill. Officials say that no taxpayer dollars will directly go into the project.  
There may be life on Venus. That's latest from scientists who believe a chemical in the clouds of Venus may be a possible sign of life on the planet. Astronomers using high powere telescopes discovered the gas that is closely linked to life on Earth. Researchers at the MIT say it's the most likely explanation after ruling out all other possibilities. They concluded the gas may be coming from some kind of microbe living in the clouds since temperatures reach 900 degrees on the surface of Venus.

Posted: 09/15/2020 6:36:24 ET ATL

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