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Early voting is causing a headache for many people in Virginia. Friday was the first day that Virginians could cast their ballot across the state. Many stood in long lines for hours at voting centers. Governor Ralph Northam voted on the first day of eligibility. He is encouraging people to vote early or by mail to avoid longer lines on Election Day.  
COVID-19 has claimed the life of a teenager in Virginia. According to the Virginia Department of Health, the teen lived in the southwestern region of the state and is the first person under 18 to die as a result of the virus. Health Commissioner Dr. M. Norman Oliver says his entire department extends their condolences to the family.  
Virginia's leadership is speaking out about the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Angie Norvell reports: 33  
Online learning is here to stay. That's the message issued from the community colleges in Virginia. In a letter to students, the Chancellor, Glen DuBois said that they plan to continue with virtual learning into the spring semester. He says that some classes will take place on campus as needed. Several universities and public school systems are currently conducting classes online due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Posted: 09/21/2020 5:16:56 ET ATL

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